01. Ready

Hydration is Key. Have we mentioned we like to sweat? Remember your water bottle, and we’ll have you covered with cold water available at the studio.

Comfort is Important. We invite you to wear what you feel most comfortable in. Athletic attire, including shorts or leggings, t-shirts or tanks is encouraged. Don’t forget the socks!

It’s All About the Shoes. Don’t have a pair of cycle shoes just yet? Don’t worry about it! We have them available at no cost if you need, otherwise you’re welcome to bring your own.

Fitting in a ride on a lunch break? Before work? You rock! Not to worry, we’ve got lockers to store your gear, plus a shower and towels to freshen up after class.

02. Set

Welcome to our House. Our friendly front desk peeps can’t wait to meet you! Please arrive 15 minutes early to check-in and get acquainted. You’ll sign a waiver and get the low-down on your first class. Please remember to always be signed in at least 3 minutes prior to class to hold your bike reservation.

Good Vibes Only. Positivity, encouragement and kindness are our jam. We welcome all good vibes and ask that you leave everything else at the door – including your cell phones. Consider this your time to recharge. If you’re expecting an important call, please feel free to leave your phone with our front desk staff.

03. Go

We’re Here to Help. If it’s your first time in the saddle, our talented instructors will be eager to help properly fit you to your bike. Ensuring the right fit and alignment is crucial not only for a great workout, but for your safety, too. And don’t worry – your instructor will also be available to answer all of your questions about technique, resistance, and more.

Safety First. Our goal will always be to motivate you with that extra push, but your safety should always come first. We encourage all of our riders to listen to their body and recognize their own personal limits. We’ll be here to help you along the way, and we assure you’ll be feeling like even more of a warrior after each class!